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Researcher, Teacher, Fulbrighter

Hello and thank you for visiting my academic homepage!

My name is Dr. Katherine Miller Wolf. I am bioarchaeologist, Registered Public Archaeologist (#47012451), and Assistant Professor at the University of West Florida who values learning, in-depth research, and hands-on teaching. Building from my academic training at Indiana University Bloomington (BA), Arizona State University (MA and PhD),  and research at various sites in Central America, I work to critically engage with various subfields of anthropology and take a holistic approach to understanding the world around us - both in the past and present. As a bioarchaeologist, my goal is to give a voice back to those that we study archaeologically by conducting a careful, contextualized, and ethically sound analysis of skeletal remains to answer cultural and archaeological questions about the past.

Want to work with me?

I am currently accepting M.A. students who wish to study bioarchaeology or archaeology, especially those interested in work on ancient Maya and contact-period sites in Latin America. Topics of current interest are migration, kinship, dental morphology, dental metrics, biodistance, social organization, household archaeology, stable (C/O, N) and radiogenic (Sr) isotopes, paleopathology, growth studies, cultural body modifications, and post-mortem ritual mortuary processing.

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